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I had an ectopic pregnancy in turkey 4 months ago i had surgery and they repaired my tube thats all i know.My docter wrote a letter with everything on but in turkish and i do not understand my docter here would like to find out,some words i cant work out as she didnt have very good handwriting ill try my best and if you can translate any of them to help me work it out id be very grateful.Here we go?

28.07.06 tarhinde sag inginal agri(gebelik testi pozitif ilk gulen hastada yapilan ultrsongrafik muayenede uterin zayitcde gebelik mevut degil,lineer ince,douglasta yazlasiz 100cc uiuarinda subest mayi mevut,sag ahexial alanda extrouterin sacca ait gorunum mevut,douglas poziyonu(+) extrauterin gebelik on tanisyla minilaparetami yapildi sol odnex dogal,over dogal uturus normal,sag over normal,sag tuba normal da unrupture extrauterin materyal mevut douglastan 200cc kanana mevluttu sag tuba lineer inzizyon yapildi materyal degurtuldu,kanana kontrolu sonrasi primer onarim yapildi

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i can translate it but some of the words are miss-spelled i can not make out some of them; do you want to write the correct version and i can try that or this is what i can come up with what you wrote without some of the words which are miss spelled which i couldnt make out which word it is:

"date 07-28-06 right ovary area pain with positive pregnancy test.

In the first untrasonagraft of the pateint, there is no pregnancy seen in the uterus, the lining is thinned, in the douglas(the space between the uterus and the rectum) there is around 100ml liqiud substance can be seen.in the right ahexial area of the extrauterin(outside the uterus) sack in the douglas position there is materials, this is the pre diagnosis. with this pre diagnosis

we make a small incision in the abdoman. left fallopian tube, left ovary, uterus is normal. right ovary and right fallopian tube normal but also there was leaked extrauterin material. from douglas around 200ml bleeding was there. we made linear insicion to the right tube and material is fixed, we stopped the bleeding and closed the insicion."

hope this helps; i am not doctor , i am turkish biology grad student . so i did my best according to what you wrote...:)

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I'm just a student and my English isn't such good as to translate it. It has lots of scientical words..And I don't know a Turkish-English translator, sorry. There are spelling mistakes too.

But I can just say (if the word mecut is 'mevCut') : She's not pregnant (I'm not sure of it), most of the things are normal. They fixed the other wrong things.

I hope I helped.

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It's not inTurkish, it's in medical language :) As Irmak says, there are lots of scientific words and some of the words are misspelt. But what I get from this note is that, the person isn't pregnant. The bleeding is taken under control.

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too much medical talk... i wouldnt be able to translate at all... sorri

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