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I downloaded a Pokemon Crystal ROM, but when I opened it a notification popped up saying that the file type wasn't specified and it gave me two options: Search the Web for the correct file type, or Browse your files for anything compatible. I chose the latter and selected Adobe from my files. I thought that if Adobe didn't work I could go back and change it but I can't. Even if I delete the file and re-download it, I can't change the file type (Or, whatever was supposed to run the Emulator). So how do I change this? If I can't change it, can you tell me where I can get another Pokemon Crystal Emulator and tell me how to run it? Thank you so much, I know this is a tough one!

By the way, I'm running Windows 7 Starter on an HP Mini Netbook.

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visual boy...

you can always right click the file and do "open with"

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