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please check out the deck and let me know what you think?


well i agree that flying is a problem should the game go long. however turn 1 chatter of the squirrel (early blocker) turn 2 earth craft. (tap a creature untap a land). turn 3 squirrel nest (tap enchanted land for a 1/1 squirrel) so by turn three you can summon unlimited squirrels on either your turn or theirs. tap the nest make a squirrel, tap the squirrel because it is tapped for the effect of another card so summoning sickness isnt an issue, when the squirrel is tapped earth craft un-taps the land with squirrel nest, repeat as needed. also it avoids the killing off of all creatures. say they opponent plays (insert white kill em all spell) then in response tap a creature to earth craft to untap the nest. wait till the spell resolves and then use the nest. and again army of squirrels. i did however think of coat of arms. but it seems too good to an opponent as well, if they run a heavy theme then you just made life easier on them. the deck thus far has got me 21/23 games won.

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Looks good! I always loved the idea of making a squirrel deck. I think the tricky part is actually keeping the numbers and potency of the tokens up.

Check out Swarmyard to make those critters more resilient.

Arbor elf would be good for Squirrel Nest, Swarmyard, and even just to get your expensive spells out sooner.

Something like Parallel Lives or Doubling Season HAS TO be in this deck.

Also look at Coat of Arms. All your tokens become Squirrel Mobs and all of your Squirrel Mobs become twice as strong.

You are also vulnerable to early aggression and flying. Something like Wall of Tanglecord might be the remedy.

Finally, the bane of this style is mass-removal (day of judgement and the like). Green isn't very good at dealing with instants, so the only thing I can really think to do is sideboard Birds of Paradise and Negate or something similar.

I've never seen a squirrel deck in action, but this way seems best to me.

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Squirrel Deck Mtg

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Wall of Tanglecord is horrible. If Raking Canopy is legal in your format, it's much better because it can kill a flyer that's attacking you.

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