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week ago i planned to ask a girl out

she was going home for weekend

so i waited till tuesday when i saw her again

she said yes

i have classes 4 nights a week shes in two of those nights

tonight is her roomates bday

big party only know her meet roommate once

she works this weekend and so do i

she said we might be able to get togther sunday but i have to go to work at 5

next week due to 4th my schedual is garunteed to be confusing

idk hers next week and only get to see her thursday for sure

her appartment is about a 1/2 hour away

how ever i have also meet a diffrent girl

lives in neighborhood next to mine

will be starting at my school in the fall

should i go to party?

wait till sunday / next week for an actual date?

ask second girl out and remain friends w/ the first?

or can any one find other options that would work

oh yea both are hot

and its about 3 hours from my house to my school so about 3hour 20 mins drive if we get together

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Since you are on the stages of just looking for a girlfriend. I think you can date both of them in different time, so you can know who the one you like the most and who will be your right one.

But when the girls really into with relationship with you, then you have to make a decision and don't be a player. Girls don't like playboy.

Enjoy and have fun!


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